The St. Luke's Medical Library was established in 1962 primarily for making medical literature available to medical and allied health professionals of the St. Luke's Medical Center. The Library at that time was only part of the Medical Records Section of the Medical Center.

As years went by, the need to develop library services was felt. The opening of the St. Luke's College of Medicine in 1994 called for the expansion and updating of the Library's collection and services. The Library then was made part of the academic institution. As such, it has since been located at the 7th floor of the William H. Quasha Building, College of Medicine.

Now, being committed in supporting the philosophy, mission, vision and goals of the St. Luke's College of Medicine and the St. Luke's Medical Center, the medical library did not stop in improving itself in giving all that it can in providing well-organized information to its users / patrons. Aligned to this, the renovation of the entire library has been considered by the College and was finally pushed through last May 2007 and finished last August of the same year.

Currently, the St. Luke's Medical Library offers an improved, modernized facility and services that could carry out its main purposes effectively. At the same time, it keeps up with the challenges with regards to information retrieval and dissemination in the modern times.
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