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The computer section has ten (10) computer terminals that may be used for online journals and internet browsing, word processing, printing, scanning and viewing of CD-ROMs.

Any user who may want to avail the Computer Section services and facilities shall present their current validated keycard for SLMC medical and non-medical staff/SLCM faculty and students; and valid ID for alumni, guests or outside users before they can avail of the privileges.

All users are required to log-in and log-out in the Computer Section Log sheet before and after they use the Computer Section facilities. This is to monitor the usefulness and usage of the computer section.

Library computer terminals shall be used for research and scholarly purposes only. A patron who engages in non-scholarly/non-research activities may be asked to leave the Computer Section.

Loitering inside the computer section is prohibited to avoid overcrowding in the place.

Things that a user should avoid inside the computer section:

Damage or modify the College owned hardware or software;
Introduce computer “viruses” or other disruptive/destructive programs into the networks;
Degrade performance of a computer system or network;
Reconfigure College owned software or hardware to intentionally allow access by unauthorized users or deprive authorized users access;
Create unnecessary multiple jobs, processes or network traffic (ex. prolonged use of internet, chat, sending e-mail chain letters or mass mailings, etc.)

A fixed rental fee of Php10.00 for the first 30 minutes or less and additional Php5.00 for every fifteen (15) minutes or a fraction thereof shall be charged for students, alumni, fellows, residents, and consultants who may want to avail internet browsing and word processing. If the user has done his task, he/she must log out at the Computer Registration Sheet provided and time spent must be computed. Receipts are to be given after every completed task of the individual involved.

For Faculty: Internet browsing and word processing is free of charge except for printing. For Medical Center and College of Medicine invited guests: Use of computers and other library facilities shall be free of charge except for printing.

Use of computer terminals and printing of documents shall be on a first-come-first serve basis. Any user who may want to avail of the printing service shall approach the Library Staff on-duty and shall wait for his/her turn to print his/her document.

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