Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) satellite has been used as link/portal for quick access of its wide range online medical journal collection, our provider of literature searches for St. Luke’s community needs.

Hence, Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) Philippines satellite office situated inside the Computer Section of the Medical Library has moved out and has ended their subscription to wide-ranging online medical database collections, literature searches will now be handled by our qualified library staff to continue our bannered service. In line with this, retrieval of full text articles will take 3-5 or more days processing. E-mail and phone call requests are also entertained but restrictions are imposed to authenticate the status of affiliation of our users with St. Luke’s Medical Center/College of Medicine and that may require strict verification and validation.

Specific Policies

Any user who may want to avail the online medical journal services and its available full text articles shall present their current validated keycard for SLMC Medical and Non-Medical Staff /SLCM Faculty and Students; and valid ID for Alumni, Guests or Outside Users before they can avail of the privileges. Requirement in obtaining these privileges;

Accomplished Medical Library Online Literature Search Form

The Medical Library shall strictly enforce a maximum of five (5) articles daily for each individual who makes a full text articles search. Take note that retrieval of requested articles may take 2-3 days processing.
Any user who may want to avail of the printing service for each retrieved full text documents shall approach the Library Staff on-duty and shall wait for his/her turn to print his/her document. (see, Policies and procedures in Acceptable Use of Computer)

Printing Cost for Students, Alumni, Faculty, Residents, Fellows and Consultants are as follows:
P2.00 per page – using dot matrix printer and bottomless ink printer (text)
P10.00 per page – colored printouts (graphics) using bottomless ink printer

Access is free of charge.


You can also request article retrieval by sending us on email.
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