a.) Discussion Rooms
Three discussion rooms are provided to accommodate group studies, discussions, small conferences, meetings and other pursuits. Discussion Room A can accommodate six (5) to ten (8) persons, Discussion Room B can accommodate eighth (10) to fifteen (15) persons, while Discussion Room C can accommodate twenty (20) to twenty-five (25) persons.
Library patrons who wish to use the discussion rooms are subject to the following regulations:
- Reservation should be made at the counter / information desk.
- "First come, first served basis" will and shall be always implemented.
- The group may stay for a maximum of 2 hours.

b.) Lecture Hall
The lecture hall has the capacity to accommodate up to seventy (70) persons. It is intended for large group functions such as conferences, lectures and trainings.
Library patrons who wish to use the lecture hall are subject to the following regulations:
- A request letter approved by the Dean must be presented at the counter / information desk at least 24 before the function.
- "First come, first served basis" will and shall be always implemented.

c.) Reading Areas
The reading area comprises of two reading rooms. Both reading rooms comprise of 4- to 6-seater tables and high-seated tables along the windows intently designed for laptop use.

d.) Multimedia (Internet) Area
This section holds ten (10) computer units and can well provide services such as: Internet access for research, academic and other instructional purposes, browsing of available on-line journals plus processing, printing and scanning of documents and the like. Browsing of CD-ROMs and other digital collection of the library is also provided and facilitated in this section.

e.) Lounge Area
The basic function of this area is to provide space for students during their spare time. It can have twenty five (25) to thirty (30) persons all at the same instant. Magazines and newspaper are readily available at the circulation section if they wish to read at this area.

f.) Coffee Lounge Area
The purpose of having it and allowing our patrons to have an extension of our coffee shop was the idea of our Student Council officers with the permission given by the College Secretary and the Dean itself. Having a small coffee shop in the lobby of the library that serves the usual coffees, lattes, etc and a variety of baked goods, soft drinks and so on. They have found it to be a good fit with the library folks who never came to the library due to food and drinks restrictions. Also, it gives our patrons the opportunity to 'hang in there' during study times by giving them a place to bring a cup of coffee or a soda without having to leave the building. But still Coffee Lounge users should have to follow certain rules and regulations regarding the use of this area.

g.) Baggage Depository Area

All bags, containers, briefcases and other paraphernalia shall be deposited in the Baggage Depository Area before entering the Library. All users are advised not to leave any valuables inside their bags or on the reading tables unattended. The Library will not be accountable for any losses due to carelessness of the user.

h.) OPAC Area
The OPAC or the Online Public access Catalog area is located near the Circulation section and can accommodate one person at a time. The primary purpose of this area is to help the library user in easy retrieving of the materials they needed.

i) Photocopying area
Photocopying services are also provided at the Library Lobby from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday only. Request for duplication service is also done during Saturdays upon request.

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