The SLCM Medical Library is a place for study and research. Library users are requested to:
• scan their fingers to the finger scanner to enter the library.
• conduct discussions and conversations at designated areas only (Discussion Rooms, Lounge Area, etc).
• walk slowly and quietly.
• set mobile phones to silent mode and avoid accepting calls inside the reading areas. • refrain from eating and drinking inside the library.
• throw trash in the waste bins.
• use the chairs and sofas for sitting down, and not for lying down.
• refrain from writing on, mutilating, and defacing books, equipment and furniture. Such acts are considered vandalism and subject to disciplinary action.

The SLCM Medical Library is open to SLCM students, employees and alumni, SLMC-QC & SLMC-Global doctors, health professionals and staff, as well to outside researchers. The following are the requirements:

Type Requirements Research Fee
1. SLCM Students School ID N/A
2. SLCM Employees/Faculty Library Key card N/A
3. SLCM&SLMC Alumni Library Key card P 30.00 per day, P300.00 per month
4. SLMC-QC, SLMC-Global doctors, health professionals & staff Library Key card P 100.00 per year
5. Outside Researchers School ID or any valid ID, Referral Letter P 50.00 per day

*The research fee does not include online database access, photocopying, printing, and other related library services. Researchers availing any of these services will be charged accordingly.

All St. Luke's Medical Library visitors/researchers must adhere to the following rules and regulations at all times upon registration:

1. All visitors/researchers must register at the counter area upon entry.
2. All materials are for room use only. Photocopying of library materials are permitted in accordance to all applicable Philippine laws on intellectual property and copyright. Photocopied pages of a library material should not exceed 20% of the entire work.
3. The library management will not responsible for any lost personal belongings. Therefore, please don’t’ leave your belongings unattended.
4. Silence must be observed at all times.
5. Mobile phones and other electronic devices must be put in silent mode.
6. Mutilation and theft of library materials are strictly prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of all applicable rules and laws.
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